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The Robert Dorsey Story
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Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, was created, by a former U.S. marine, name, Robert Dorsey, during the late 1980's, and reached a respectable clientele by the late 1990s.

Also known in, on-line social circles, and to clients, and customers as: Rodor1960. 

Born in West Philadelphia, PA.  
Robert attended John Bartram high school, class of 1979.    

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Our grand father would always tell Rob, when you can put this watch, worth at the time, nine hundred bucks, back to gather, as the manufacturer presented it to us, then your ready to do it for real.
 At times Robert would go off the deep in , and buy a hand full of cheap watches, and necklace jewelry.

Then, he would go into the town of Naha city and simply give them away.

A classy entrepreneur tricks that rarely work, but, sometimes may surprise you, and that happened for CPL Dorsey.
When asked why, he would do that,  He would respond, because my grand father and uncle where known in the states for there sales of there fine custom jewelry, watches, and accessories during the late 1930's, and forties.   
These were men, that affected every area of his life. 
In them days, it was learning and discipline; molding a child, into a man and be affective at his trade. 

All 5 of these men played a role in his up bring. 
The conception of: Pete's dance Hall, started with, my Uncle George,and Grand father.   
It is just a glorified story of two men known for there wear of fine timepieces, that others flocked to, to get there workmanship and advice on there timepieces for free.
Which my family was in the habit of fixing timepieces for free during the days of the depression of the 1930s.   


Black jewelers' during the 1930's and 40's, was a rare site, but, they where there, in the back stores, streets, and ware houses of south Philadelphia. 
Style setters, trend setters.  That's what they were, and there image to this day remains rock solid in our families mind. 
The promise made our mother in 1969. ( I will create a business one day, in honor of, Pete's Dance Hall and jewelers'). 
From this came, today's: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelers'.

My mother and sister, grandma, and great grand mom. 
The woman in my family were a vital source of molding Rob, as well. Strong, powerful Ladies that demanded the highest respect in every way.
This was done with the intention of a quality life style, for black woman around the country. 
Woman who were black entrepreneurs during the days, of there era, meaning turn of the century years. - Flat Rate Shipping!

The woman of the family followed, a kind of black,  Madam C. J. Walker.
kind of following, for the times.
Manners and style growth, will build the character of who you plan to be in life. 
Like a showman, who practices his moves, over, and over, on the presentation end of life? 

The marines, his friends, would say, but, your grand father sold his products.  They sold the jewelry!...  you give yours away.  Why?    His answer was always' the same. He told them he liked the look on his friends, and strangers faces when he give them something for nothing.

Plus, he wanted to see if what he was thought as a kid would really work, and most of the time it did.

It was that same look our grandfather got, when he would present a watch to a client for barely nothing.

Our grandfather's watch collections always stood out with Robby, as a boy. 

Our grand father's shinny gold bracelets, and watches he kept in his stuffed jewelry box on his dresser.

Robby would says, as a boy.  When he grows up, he was going to have shinny timepiece/watches just like our grand fathers and uncle George had.

In fact, he would say, I'm going to make my own watches.

You will?... My grand father would always' say.  
Well, to this day, He still hasn't made his own timepieces yet.

But, I feel in my heart, he will.

Our grand father, and uncle Georges dream, was a local dream, in South Philadelphia.

Even though our grandfather, and uncle George were known, local names in south Philadelphia, mainly among the blacks and Italians of the time, that came to the south street area's during the late 1930's and 1940's.

Pete's Dance Hall, saw famous people like Cab Calloway, and Lionel Hampton.

Some of the performers would drive up in there fancy cars, just to see these two men they heard of for so long, that had high quality jewelry right on a table outside Pete's dance hall. 

Rob was not born yet, but we were amazed that high class black performers, and yes, some whites would drive and walk the few blocks, just to buy a timepiece from our family.

This was when the old Earl theater was still around and many other forgotten theaters during the 1930's, and 40's.

Rob's been hearing the stories all his life, during the 1960's and 70's, mainly how once in a while, the old band members and celebrities found themselves at Pete's Dance Hall after a show, and even entertain, in Pete's dance hall.

And yes, the people in the audience would follow them.  Can you imagine that scene in a small area like that?

It's strange because when Rob's friends and him started getting into the entrepreneur thing, over seas. 
It had nothing to do with watches, or any kind of jewelry...

 His main product was simply T-shirts.  And guess who was the star of the T-shirts?

Yes, they came up with an idea of putting himself and our family in some unusual situations on a T-shirt, and give them away to  the kids in Okinawa japan.  
This was long before the timepiece and jewelry came into play for Robs motivation.

Well, that didn't last pass eight months, because taxes were becoming a problem when they start selling them in Japan.

His command intervened and the dream was over.  The day's my mother and her friends talked a bout her father's jewelry stand that drew hundreds to there corner stands, and the dance hall.

As a child, Robby could tell how proud our mother was of her father and uncle.  Because she would always tear up when telling the story, and not just my mother...

Also, her friends would be crying to, as they sat in the living room reminiscing of a long by-gone era.  
They would always say any body can make a living if they just use there head.

By now our grand father and uncle had passed on in the early, and mid 1970's. 

Robert knew my mother's dream, that what she saw in her life time as a young lady, could have been much bigger.

But, our grandfather and uncle were satisfied with where they were in success, and plus, they didn't want to bring in problems with other merchants of the area, who were mainly whites.

Remember, this was during the great depression days, and the early years of the second world war.

If you walk the streets of South Philadelphia and ask any elderly man , or woman, about Pete's dance hall, you would hear a story, of a by gone  era.

Like he told my grandfather as a boy, and told my mother, and great grand mother. one day I will recreate what grand pop and uncle George started.

My mother would always' say, I know you will, but you do what makes you happy, and what you can put your name on.

He told my mother, but mom...!  This is what I want to do, and I will!

My little brother started going to the libraries with my mother, and grandmother.  He always picked out the same book ( the Watch Makers Closet).   

But, this was a book that didn't really teach you about watches, but the life as a watch maker. 

It was our father, years later, who brought my little brother his first book on making a watch/timepiece.

He read this book from age eleven until he was about fifteen, several years before going in the marine corps. 

He clearly knew the different medals that played different roles in the precision of the timepiece, in the hull of a watch. 
Even the wheels and pulleys, the weight of a watch, and what water proofed a watch.

What was the meaning of certain thicknesses of the rubber washers, placed in the watch casings.

My mother just didn't want him to be an every day watch peddler. She wanted him to be known for his product if he was going into that line of work. 

She wanted him to know how to walk, talk, and practice his body and hand movements to present the item that he was selling.

Mom would say, always' wear a suite, a tie, and tie clip that is in the right position. 

Most of all, your shoes should be of a high quality and to this day the shoe was the jet black wing tip.

For several years mom would show him off to relatives in the manners she created in him. 

Speaking was a big part of a presentation, speaking firmly and getting out all your word endings.

He was starting to look more like a movie star, or a male model, then a jewelry dealer.

My mother would From time to time, tell him to look at that photo of your uncle George, Now, look at the photo of your grandfather.

He never noticed before,  They were standing in the same position with there one arm extended as people a poached there stands, or entered the dance hall.

Robby carried these habits into the marine corps. He seemed to be animated in some ways to his friends. 

Robert always' looked like he was getting ready to do a commercial. 

Shop! – Press release service with

The guy's thought he should put his left hand on a T-shirt, since he was always waving, long waves at people, But, close to the end of his tour in Japan, the T-shirt business was doing find, but discontinued. 

Seems like the kids Of Okinawa took his designs pretty well, never made much money, he mainly gave them away after a point, because it was rotation time coming, back to the United  States..

And believe it or not, that is what he did, and that was the first time he experienced being a small celebrity on an island, in Japan.

It was the photo of his hand first, then his face, and the name: Rodor was born, 1981.

That was what the kids started calling him when they saw him and his friends off base.  
The real reason was because they couldn't remember the name Robert Dorsey, so, he told them, just call me Rodor, and this took off in the town, around Naha

Then, his military career took a shocking turn some years later.!

Doing the Reagan  era, he and his friends found them selves smack dead in the middle of a place called: Beirut Lebanon, in 1983.

From there, history was made in the world of global Terrorism,  They were in real combat from time, to time.

Something that wasn't suppose to happen, but it did.   

Marines were killed, PLO members were killed and months later, 247 marines were bombed, and killed.

Not to forget, which is rarely mentioned.  There were 110 CIA, marines, and naval personal who were bombed and killed as well.

So, his life became a life long commitment to the Veteran Hospitals. 

After being honorably discharged, stress and thoughts did motivate his decision to leave the marine corps.

Now, after nearly a decade in the marine corps, he was on his own, back on the streets of Philadelphia.

A few people took interest in the Beirut bombing stories, and for a good while they were looked at, as heroes.

He even got his first job at: The Bryers Ice Cream company, in Philadelphia, just because he was a Beirut Veteran.

Also, Mayor:Ed Randell, Public affairs officer: Bill Gray, and the Vietnam veterans took him under there wing in the Veteran Hospitals around the country.

To this day my brother is still an out-patient  VA. veteran. 

He was awarded a service connection that he had no idea was going to be a reality. 
Employment, was the least of his worries.

He meant his wife (Wandoria) in Delaware 1992, in the begining years of his on going stress problems.  

They were married on March 7, 2000.

While he was still trying to make a name for him self in silk screening designs that he learn in Korea and during his marine corp days.

We watched the era of home computers develop in the early 1990's.

His wife was starting a new business on the Internet.  It was the first time he heard of ebay, and she was right there making it work.

She sold shoes and all kinds of things.  
It caught Rob's attention, but yet, it scared him, because, the thought of a computer at the time as Something that was like a television?

With shows, like: Star Trek, and Star Wars, and Lost in Space?  How wrong he was...  A couple of years passed, and his wife and his wife introduced him to the Internet.

After he got pass his ego, and fears. He started to see what his wife was doing to make money. 
Her interest was in the fashion industry.  
She was getting paid, for real....!

Then, she did countless runs to the post office.
She encouraged him to try and make this media form, work for him.  First he had to remember how to turn the computer on.

So, he would wake her up in the dead of night, and apologized, over, and over again.  

 She would drag herself out of the bed to turn on the computer for him. 

Then he had to learn how to draw a straight line to continue a new way of creating a picture T-shirt.  But, now, he has no idea how to get the drawing out of the computer!

Well, his wife put him though a long drawn out course on all he needed to know.  Well, sense this is a blog, a foundation of my brother's life...?  A forum for people seeking information?

It would only be fear to tell somethings that weren't told.  Robert said if your going to write that journal, then Jerry, tell it all.  Tell them a bout the pain and the disappointments.

Tell them about my down falls that many never get up from.

So be it...  That is what I did.

Now, I give you the additional story.... 

The Unvarnished story, of the true Robert Dorsey, Rodor1960...  The creator of:

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelers.

So, lets give you just a little bit more meat, then the  little descriptions above, we gave you, in the beginning of the blog.

This part tells of Roberts destructive life after his military days, and before Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear was still just a dream, and how he pulled his life back together, to be come one of the most recognized timepiece dealer of the 21 century.

Here it is:

Did you ever really wonder, how my brother, Robert Dorsey, got wrapped up in the timepiece business...? 

Of course not...!  But, maybe so...   Here it goes...

What his life was like before, and after events?

The untouchable logos, and the stance/poses/.  His unbeatable presentations, in many of his  own advertising's....  The extended arm, and graceful hand flow, the suit, shoes, pocket watch chain, And, the hair cut....!

One letter to us, reads this, saying....?

Is this icon looking fellow, for real...? 

He reminds me of some cross between, or a twist in time?

Another letter reads:

I sense a long pass, in the historical sense, and, In a manner becoming of the past, but yet, the present.

When I see his picture,..  

Him, as, the creator of; Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear;  Jewelers, with the timepiece displays all around him.

It makes me feel the dedication, in this man...  I mean, hes giving us the raw facts of his life, and his families life, as well.

This biography here, is presented to you, by the: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; family......   

May it be read on all corners of the globe.

May it be intriguing...?  May be, a little intense, or just out right foolish. !

To some, it can be up lifting, in there attempt to motivate ones self, to get back on the track of life, after a fall.

This is not the final blog concerning our  brother, Robert Dorsey/ Rodor1960, By a long shot.

A sense... That sense, of right and wrong.

A story that gives you the true insight, into one man's life.

A story that may have some relation, to you.  In some manner, you could relate your life, in the same concept role, as Robert's life..   

Some parts of Rob's life, could relate to situations that you, may be dealing with, to where his situation my be the answers in your life, you've been looking for. 

Because not everyone comes back from the negative, or the dark side, of life.

How a man, or woman falls through conflict, in action, or in mind, and returns may be stronger, from the experience.

There is much more to be told about Robert.  For it best be told, at  the appropriate time.

For know This is Your Timepiece Jeweler, and the long road to getting there.

Story's about peoples lives...  Some get into there  reasons, why?...   Why do I spend hours reading stories of other peoples lives?  What am I looking for in them, that will heal and validate myself? 

We as a people who have always been seekers.

We are contently seeking information on the images, and writings we see, why am I sitting here, reading a profile of....   A' one, Robert Dorsey/ Rodor 1960 story?

Well, it looks like some want to see, and feel the truthfulness in a image, presented, such as: Rodor1960s, image concepts, in the timepiece world.

Now, if you ask me...   I think our  little brother, Got caught up in a lack of time change, in his younger years. 

Let me put it this why..
Robert's siblings are a couple of generations ahead of him.   We, his brothers, and sister, are ten to 18 years his senior....

His whole wold, in just music alone, was some what unusual, for his age, since he started to come up with creative ideas; at the age of nine,...

For one thing, his bothers, and sister, were growing in there late teens years, during the mid- 1960s.

For Robert?.... His teen era, was the mid 1970's.

Rob would have had to be our age, to have moved with the times, in the manner of his peers, (circa 1975's) .  

See, when my brother came along, as a child, he learned to do dances, dances we did.

Dances like, The twist, The cha-cha, and ,swing.....!

As Rob grow up in the house hold.../  Robert, unlike most of his friends at the time, was watching Television shows, like,/ Dick Clark,  American Band Stand, and, the Georgie Woods show.

These were television shows of our era, that televised young teens dancing, to cool music, on television, in, black and white...!

There were other net-works that did the same thing, with a DJ. named/ HI-LITE, and the Jerry Blavet, Dance show. 

These were the pleasure's of our time...  For our age.   

When- Rocken- Roll died down, Robert held on to it, during a very young age. 

Through all that gave my brother joy, as a boy, it was always what he heard, and seen, from times of the past, and he could never move pass it. 

If I go to visit my brother, right now down in Delaware...  Walk up, knock on the door of there home.  Then, stroll up stairs to his office....  I will know what I'm going, to be hearing...!

It's a recording, and old television show of, the: 1958, Donna Reed show...........!

If it's music, it would most likely be: Tommy Edwards, or even, Frank Sinatra, or Fats Domino.

for Robert rarely liked change in his life; 

Little Antony & the imperials, The Platters, Drifters, Gene Pitny, Diana Ross & the Supremes,
the Marvalettes, and many more collection of records, form the pass.

Then, It really got  our attention, when he started getting into the big band era, music..   Music by; Glenn Miller, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, Diana Washington, Lena Horn, and count Bassy.

We all felt he would grow out of it one day, but, he never did, to this day.

Robert, during the 1970's, started wearing a jet black process, when, the process was going out of style.

These were controversial hair styles from, the 1930's to the 1950s, and early 1960s. 

Those were his preferred hair styles during his teens life.

Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, even Elvis Presley, and that was his preferred look.

But, Robert, as you can still see, some what, preferred his hair short, and slicked back on the sides, A cool part, to the left, and a little pomp to top, off the right side.

Robert even had a black skinny comb, and, would slick his hair back all day walking down the street, and mainly, when he spoke with the girls.

Robert was seemingly always headed backwards, when every one else, was moving forward... 

He could sing songs from, the Righteous Brothers, and if you put a mic in his hand, and turned up the old high/fi amps..!?

Rob would always', sound like, the artist, he was trying to imitate. 

He not only sound like them, but would move, as the original performers would do on stage. 

Like the Platters, and the Flamingos, were known for.

The slow moves, of body gestures, as they sang, as they project there image to the crowd of on lookers.

Robert's time in his development, was the 1970's,...    Ours, was the early 1960s, so , he got to embrace two cultures in his life  time, so far.

Including the grand years, of our grand father's, stylish Side street shows...!   And what a timepiece Show, of those days, long gone...!

The show-man-ship, in our grand father, and uncles' pitches, and movement gestures, when he presented his jewelry collection, during his time, which spans back to the mid 1930's, in the midst of the depression.

So, It wasn't Robert in the family, who was first known, for his suave posing, in ads, when presenting his timepieces.  

Robert is working the art, his grand father, and uncle, brought to the scene over 80 years ago.

In south Philadelphia... 

But, our grand father, and uncle...,  They Did this thing, in real time movement!  Backing up, moving forward, spreading the arms, in robotic movement, and, criss - cross each other, with the grace of timing.

It was a cool experience to have witnessed. 

Robert have done it, in real time as well!  Though he prefers to stay on a photo.

He's done that performance once, Or twice, with a beautiful collection of timepiece jewelry, in Los Angles, right on Hollywood, blvd.

Oh, then there was one he put on at, Hersey Park, Hersey Pa.

It was our grand father, and uncle, who commonly did the movements, the body pose, in real-time, On side street corners, even a back drop light, for night shows.

This is what my little brother is still doing, But, in still pictures.

 His customers, are Offered style, and class, and all this, from one of the most recognized timepiece dealer on the Internet, and around the word.

Here's a letter to the family:   

He states:

It's like seeing this guy standing there, presenting a motion style clearly from the past.  I like to know, what started this guy, in motion, and when...?

Why does just seeing him, clearly says to me, Luxury, elegant, timepiece.

All this, just from looking at a picture of him.

One minute hes in  California, then, in Wyoming!  Then, he was over in Hersey Park some years ago...  A night time, showing off his timepiece collection. 

The show was right there, at Hersey Park, Pa.

Back in the early 2000s- 2001, maybe 2003. He was looking as Smooth as you'd want to see, a classic announcer present his collection, of  timepiece goods.  An awesome collection of timepieces, a presentation stances unmatched, to this day...!

People also, ask:

What is it about with this man, on this  advertising picture?  Why do I get, the instant  feeling, when I see this guy ,standing there, With the grace of a Prince, I know I'm going to most likely buy his timepiece product...!

Why..?   May be because, his whole personality, just says it all!

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, was created, by a former U.S. Marine.   


This is a story that walks on both side of the street.  It is a story of one man who saw dread, then, a shining light at the end.

It is a man that saw the streets of Philadelphia, his whole life.

He lived the streets, walked the streets, fought in the streets, of Philadelphia Pa...

When news of mob hits, God father wars, gangsters,  and drug lords, pimps and thieves, were everyday news breaks, in the city Philadelphia, and most cities around the nation.

This was the direction my confused brother was heading into, during the 1980s.

But, many interventions would come his way before it was all said, and done. 

My brother, Robert Dorsey. 

During the late, and troubled 1980's...  After two years of honorably discharging, from marine corps service, Robert started on a road to rebuilding his life.

First down, then up...!

A life of Returning to the civilian world.

A life of confusion, Depression, PTSD, alcoholism ,drugs and suicide attempts.  Now, this is what he was dealing with, in the mid 1980's, as a member in our family, returning home.

He came out of the service at a time when it was the 1980s.

Drugs, and crack cocaine was tearing the nation apart. 

Crime was on the rise, and murder, at an all time high.

It was the days!  The Ronald Reagan Years.  It was the decade, we saw, the Berlin wall fall.

And, my little brother was felling into that seen, on the dark side, of history, more and more every Day. 

Woman and drugs, wheeling and dealing.

For months hes been back home, but still  tyring to cope, with just walking pass a window on our block, or any block. 

Sweating, and heart pounding, knowing he didn't even have a weapon to return fire, If Shot at from snipers, in the Philadelphia row house unit windows.

It didn't take me long to see, that what Robert was seeing and feeling, stemmed from another time, another place, That was not so distant a pass, in his life.

Also, the consist reminders, some possible  knowledge of the things to come, here, in the united states ,that could be, as the countries he's been running around in, for the last six ,or 7 years of his life, in the marine corps...   

Over there.

After years of service to the United States Marine Corps.  Close to a decade spent in, war-torn counties; Beirut, Philippines, and Guantanamo Cuba, Kora and much more... 

Yes, missions around the world, bombings, and small fire fights from time to time, international threats.!

I wonder at times?  Does my brother wonder, did he really live through those days and experience's.

The dark side of life, that they say, you always carry when you come back home, from that type of prolonged exposure to other peoples wars?

Oh yes,  He know it's real. 

Because the men he knew, that didn't come home, ..

They were real...  They lived once.  We patrolled to gather, ate to gather, and slept to gather, in a place called, Beirut Lebanon (Beirut/ 1983-84)

When My brother left home in 1979...?

The U.S. was in no real active threats.

Yes, Iran was in the spot light, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. , at the time.  Also, the Hostage taking of a marine and his staff camera crew, during my brothers induction into the marine corps. 

But, when Robert made the decision to discharge after his experience in Beirut, from the marines.   

He had many fears for this family, and friends.  Robert always felt, that what he has seen on his operations, in war torn countries..?   Surly, an intelligent marine can see, It is evident that our nation must except this to be  our fate, my be.

In our own streets, and back yards, or, may be not?

And yet, his biggest worry  is now being a VA out-patient, for the last twenty some years. 

When in the VA.  Robert served among several rough crowds, among the Vietnam war veterans, and Korean vets. Not to forget the few WWll veterans, still hanging around.

This became his world, and it worried the family, because we didn't know if this affiliation ,with these war veterans was a good thing, or could it push him over the edge, more.

I believe my brother, and another Beirut veteran, who lived through the Beirut crisis, were an experiment, for other future war vets to be treated for combat stress, in the same manner as, the Vietnam vet.

At the time, They were the youngest of the famed, PTSD group unites at, The  Coatesville Veterans Medical center, in Pennsylvania.

The readjustment to the fear side of life for Robert, came not over night, it took years to get my brother seeing things clearly in his head.

It is a wonder that he has never been convicted and sentenced to jail, at the time, or felony charges, for the way he was living his life in the streets of Philadelphia.

Here's one for you. 

I Brought my brother a car once, to help him get around.  It was 1987.   It was a big 1976 magnum model.  Well, Rob, and some of his crew, decided, they were going to deal with some business, in New Jersey.

Well, right in the middle of the  Walt Whitman Bridge, in Philadelphia; the car burst into flames...!!!   Every one got out safely, but, Rob sat there, trying to start the car, over,and over, to finish going to New Jersey, to do, what they had to do...!

We never really knew what that was all about.

We were told, that they run back to the car, and forced him to get out the car, and then they dragged him out, and over to the center lane of the bridge.

They walked all the way back to Philadelphia, as the emergency units drove right by them, to put the fire out.

I asked my brother, as he stood in front of me all cut up, with his combat boots on, and bloused pants, and a leather strap-ed around his body to hold his weapon? 

No, not a gun...  Rob had a long knife, as long as your arm, a holster strap, that keeps it sealed around his waste, and a marine corp, starched cover/hat, with medals on it, and a thick hunters, half sleeve jacket.

I tell you this just to show you, and give you an image view of how my brother was looking on the streets.

He was a scary looking guy, you didn't want going after you.

I sometimes think, may be, my brother, or one of his side kicks, may have had some things in the car that could have really been a problem, and that's why they left it building car, and walked away.

I paid for that dearly, because the title was still in my name.

But, he has made that up to me over the years.

Well, one morning, a friend of Rob's, was looking for him.  Come to find out, he got up, put on his clothes, and walked ten or more mile to the Philadelphia Veterans  hospital in west Philadelphia.

Rob also, worked several good jobs...

Which was made possible by: A Pennsylvania dental medical student, from the University of Pennsylvania , that read Robert's resume, and Beirut, was what suck to him, became his little brother had just become a new marine.

He helped my brother, get on some of the touchiest jobs in the ice cream business.  Byers ice cream, now owed buy Kraft Foods.

Then, There became the problem with Robert being in a high technical position, with out the time, or experience behind him. Well, after one mishap that took place, the union stepped in.

Robert put up no fight, he told them of his life, and how he got to the level of the job he was doing.  Touch job, but there were several others that should have had that job many years before Robert even qualified for the position.

When Robert got the job, just like a well disciplined marine.

He worked the third floor, in, up to 140 degree heat most of the times, just like the ones there, who have put in, 30 and 40 years on the those jobs, because getting someone on those jobs, wasn't easy to keep them up there.

The main man who trained Robert, was a man name: John Briggs.  John, I believe was in his late 80s at the time, when he trained Rob for the next 6 months, and retired. 

John worked at Bryers ice cream, all his life. 

I believe my brother came to love this old man, over time, with his old baggy ice cream uniform on, and hard hat, and a cigar hanging out his mouth.

Robert, in a joking way, said on time.  Sometimes, I just want to smack him once, just once, then, quickly apologize!
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Lets put it this way.

John was working at Byers, when the horse, and buggy's were around, and that is what they used to work with.  The tons of product, pulling, and deliveries.  

John Briggs was, a strong, old, Irish man.  A proud man, who knew his days were closing in on him.

A man who worked so long, in the ice cream industry, This man was in this factory, When, John Dillinger, was top news.

Or, the man I speak of, as, John Briggs employ by:

Bryers ice cream, when the Limburge baby kidnapping was being Done.

This is the man, I had the honor of being trained by, a man of, such/.

Robert Kind of understood, this mans ways/

With John , it was like being back in boot camp, for my brother, all over again....! 

John would scream, and yell at him all over the plant, but, trained him well..!

The other works would laugh, as John would be yelling at Rob, because they knew how John was.

Rob, would never let John get to him..

Hurry up Bob!!!  Climp up there, and close them two valves, before they  BloooooW.............!!!!

No!....  Dam-it!...   Don't stand in front of it....!!!

Do you want a hole in your chest, the size of a basket Ball.....!!!!!?

Hurry up!  Get back down here!!!...   Now, turn down the blowers to where I showed you, then, hook in the compresser, down stairs.....!!!!!!  You better not make me lost time, Dorsey!!!!

Hurry back up, so you can get in-side the blinder, and change those three bolts!!!!!

It was a highly physical job, hundreds of  large turning Valves, and bolts, as big as your head, and changing huge pipes, so large, to handle the amount of water and chemical agents that could be directed through the entire plaint, which is like a whole city street block.

As the months passed, and John retired.   It was all mine now, at 28 years old. 

I had to systemically set up two huge rooms, in sync, with the other two floors, for things to work.

Then Things started getting rough on Rob, and company policy's were being addressed.

The supervisors told him that they wanted to keep him, but he'll be doing walls, and jobs on the lower floors.  My brother publicly, thanked the mangers and supervisor's for giving him that year to work on getting his head together, through the rough job he was doing, that job meant everything to Rob.

The first floor, nor the second floor could start until the water and solutions are drooped, the the computers and most machines work on the own kick in.

He would dreamed often.   

How he felt powerful when he was on that floor, turning them valves, and banging them in place, then set the computers, graphs and many switch's to be turned on, or off accordingly.

Then, almost, one fateful morning, months before the union stepped in, there was a gas emergency lick in one of the kitchens in the back,  leaking large amounts of gases....!

Gas, that was lethal when mixed with other chemicals used.

Now, you have to understand the size of these tanks, to appreciate the dangers involved concerning the technicians on the floor.

Some of the tanks were as big as a small two story house.

It was his first chance, to be part of a hazard team, out side of the marine corps. No NBC training in the marines, prepared Robert for this situation that was developing....! 

They all put on gas mask,  The professionals like Al Janinie, turn to Robert, and gave him a direct order, to introduce a solution into a certain vat. A vat so big you could live in it...

My brother turned, picked up the heavy solution, which was a light concentrated acid, and mix it with another solution, then run it those the building.   

Well, he know he really wasn't ready for that level of involvement, But, the two minute process went horribly wrong!

HE couldn't get the shutter closed, before the two solution mixed, I guess Al, had confidence that rob could do the job. 

Well, Rob ran down the hall in a another kit-ch to try open from that way.  It worked as he was taught.  But, it was to late...!

By the time Rob got back to the hold room...

By now the acid and caustic mixed together, everyone except Al, Pete, and Rob ran, because the gas that formed was litterly  suffocating the sanitation team.

There were horns, and bells going off.

Then Al made my brother leave with them the others.

He and Pete fixed the jammed shutter, and could have died trying to get that shutter under control.

After every fire truck in Philadelphia cleared out?...  

Al, said, were still waiting for the new spring to replace that.  The shutter did get stick!, and its not the first time.

It was found that it wasn't Robert's fault, it was a known problem, and was being addressed at the time, well, that was it for Robert.

But, AL, himself came forward several times, to say ,the man did nothing wrong, he followed procedure, and calmly, like we taught him.!

But, that wasn't really the issue. 

One of the lady supervisor, stated:  The situation is...? He's holding a position, that he doesn't rank for, and, it has been mentioned in board meeting for a couple of weeks now.

So, this was about policy, not ability.


Rob went to the office and thanked David, and the other  supervises, and technician's, He said,  he just didn't feel like dealing with all this, and it is evident that because of him the the supervise rs jobs were on the line.

Robert turned, and with a heavy heart, and tears in his eyes.

Robert said, he really left because, no matter how you look at it, this union thing, there right.  Even though I loved the job, I never really was comfortable always.

I understand  the supervises were crying to...

He left the ice cream factory.

To never seek another job, and returned to V.A. hospitals. 

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In time he was compensated for his service in Beirut, and the injuries he sustained during his tour.

Still, along way to go, to get Beirut and now, What happened at the ice cream plant out of his mind.

Now!  I Bet you didn't know, ice cream making, could be so dangerous, Did you...!

Then came the 1990's, then, the millennium came.

Today, Robert  has reached a respectable following with on-line business,  Not to forget, the years he spent during the late 1990s, building:  Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelry, He now has the support of top industry affiliations like, Casio, Seiko, Bulova ,Movado and other timepiece's, known world wide.

Rob spent the next fifteen years developing his own web site.  First with Yola, out of south Africa, Then he left them, to start a new domain with Godaddy, to who he is domained with until This day.  

By the late 1990s, he's been seen by millions in,...Ads and Classifieds, And Social groups around the world.

After years of medicines and PTSD counseling.  My brother finally picked himself up, and started to dream again.

Also known in, on-line, social circles, and to clients, and customers, as: Rodor1960. 

Robert Now, is a adverting publisher, and a luxury timepiece, watch dealer, world wide (Internet
based) out of Dover, Delaware. 

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